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Delta Neutral Fund
Our Icoinic Delta Neutral fund deploys market making and directional strategies, while hedging market risks out of the portfolio. This results in market neutral returns utilizing market volumes and volatility in both upward and downward markets.
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Algorithmic Fund
Our Icoinic Algorithmic fund is optimized and monitored 24/7 by our analysts and developers. Market conditions being key, it applies various strategies to yield better results from high-risk funds. This fund is suitable for participants who dare and are able to carry a high risk.
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DeFi Fund
Our Icoinic DeFi fund is actively managed by our Investment Committee with deep knowledge of crypto assets, particularly in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. The fund balances three key strategies to thoughtfully participate in DeFi, balancing drawdown risk.

Why choose Icoinic?

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Future focused
At Icoinic we make sure that our clients take full advantage of the incredible opportunity offered by the crypto market. We believe that the market will reach an equilibrium of multiple trillions of dollars.
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Icoinic’s unique algorithms monitor the markets 24/7/365 and makes tens of thousands of trades every day based on market movement and statistical analysis.
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Our funds seeks outperformance over pure Bitcoin over the longer term, which was achieved in 2020. This is possible because our algorithms deploy their profitable trading strategies on both upward as well as downward movements. Our main strategy, trades high volumes and provides stable returns. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.
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At Icoinic, investors have unlimited access to their own client portal to monitor their portfolio 24/7 and receive NAV updates regularly. Our costs are transparent. Our administrator provides independence in the calculation of both costs and NAV.

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Crypto insights at Venture Café

Every third thursday of the month we at Icoinic Capital will be present at the Venture Café to talk about crypto and answer all of your crypto related questions.
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