Our vision

Icoinic Capital is based at Beursplein 5, the financial heart of the Netherlands, and is registered at the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (“AFM”) under the AIFMD-light regime and reports to the Dutch Central Bank (“DNB”). Our multi-year track-record and continuous exposure in the crypto-asset investment space firmly establishes and verifies our expertise in this field.

Our investment products are structured as traditional alternative investment funds. Focusing our efforts and risk management onto managing counterparty risk, custody risk, investment risk, compliance and operational risk.

Meet Icoinic Capital

Wilhelm Roth
Chief Executive Officer
Egbert Krop
Chief Financial officer
Arthur Stolk
Chief Commercial Officer
Wiktor Nowak
Chief Investment Officer
Laszlo Horvath
Fund Manager
Luuk Weber
Fund Manager
Miguel Rodrigues dos Santos
Trading Engineer
Luc Correia Cabrito

Quantitative Researcher

Gilad Poker

Quantitative Researcher

Deborah Uhlenkamp
Compliance Officer
Bas van de Kamp
Head of Account Management
Samara Hegeman
Account Manager Institutional Investors
Ido Heikoop
Account Manager Private Investors
Justin van de Putte
Junior Account Manager
Peter van der Helm
Creative Lead
Chantal Durlacher
Office Manager

Future of investing Crypto Assets

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