About Venture Café

Venture Café Rotterdam is a non-profit organisation and global network that seeks to further the local innovation ecosystem. The mission is to bring innovators together to make things happen. They aim to do this through high-impact programming, spaces, storytelling, and broad innovation engagement. Every Thursday they program a gathering that connects innovators alike. From entrepreneurs and investors to students and visionaries. These Thursday Gatherings allow innovators to build a strong, inclusive, and equitable innovation ecosystem.

What we do at Venture Café

Venture Café is an incredible opportunity for Icoinic to provide innovators with necessary information of the crypto-currency ecosystem. By organizing panel discussions, special events and podcasts, Icoinic creates valuable interactions between entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors. Through sharing our expertise with people keenly interested in the challenging/rapid/intriguing environment of crypto-assets we hope we can share the passion of our digital world.

We focus on having face-to-face interactions, gaining more traction as crypto-experts of the Netherlands. We want to inform people on the challenges and innovations that happen in the crypto currencies ecosystem and have in-depth conversations with people that are interested. This is a great place for Wilhelm to be able to publicly share his deep knowledge of crypto assets.

Currently with the covid regulations it’s not possible for us to be at Venture Café physically. As a replacement we making podcasts for the time being. We hope we can see you soon at Venture Café when it is possible!


Every third thursday of the month we will be at the Venture Café. Every month we will focus on a different subject.
You can also go to the Venture Café schedule to get more info on what we talk about that session.
Previous podcast: November 18th
This podcast our CEO Wilhelm Roth talked about questions new/current investors in the crypto-asset market had sent in for Wilhelm to answer during a conversation with the Venture Café host.

The podcast will be online soon. You can find it here when it is uploaded.
Next podcast: December 9th
Did you miss the opportunity to send in a question for our CEO Wilhelm Roth last time? Do not worry, stay tuned for the next podcast!

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