Crypto and the Dutch Banking Association

Crypto and the dutch banking association. Updates image used for posts

The sentiment of the current financial overlords is that crypto is starting to get too big to ignore. We’ve seen multiple regulatory institutions easing up on regulations and starting to approve products and funds for the cryptocurrency markets. Grayscale was approved by the FINRA to publicly quote its Grayscale Digital Large Cap fund (GDLCF) on over-the-counter (OTC) […]

The difficulty of designing CBDC

The difficulty of designing a CBDC. Updates image used for posts

The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and a group of seven central banks, the Bank of Canada, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve, Sveriges Riksbank, and the Swiss National Banks released a report on Central Banks Digital Currencies (CBDCs). The report outlined the feasibility of CBDCs. […]

Zombie companies on the rise

Zombie companies on the rise. Updates image used for posts

In previous blogs, we have discussed how the government debt is becoming an increasing problem for the US economy and why the new stimulus by the Federal Reserve is increasing fiat risk. But there is another problem that is becoming increasingly relevant: zombie companies. Definitions used for this term vary somewhat, but they are often […]

Holding FIAT is becoming increasingly riskier

Holding fiat is becoming increasingly riskier. Updates image used for posts

COVID-19 has had a severe impact on global economies. During the second quarter of this year, the US economy is estimated to have shrunk by an annualized 31.7%. That economies would be hit hard was well-known. It was thought by many that the rapid economic decline would be followed by a rapid recovery, also known […]

Are traditional banks going to accept Crypto?

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The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) published a letter, nearly 2 months ago, clarifying the authority of national banks and federal savings associations to provide cryptocurrency custody services for its customers.  Acting Comptroller of the Currency Brian P. Brooks said “From safe-deposit boxes to virtual vaults, we must ensure banks can meet […]

Crypto mergers & acquisitions

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The blockchain industry is young and offers a lot of opportunities for companies that are able to position themselves in this turbulent phase. Companies are competing to solidify their place in the market while effectively diversifying and de-risking at the same time. One popular way of doing this is through mergers and acquisitions which is […]

Crypto ponzi schemes

Crypto ponzi schemes. Updates image used for posts

Plustoken was the biggest Ponzi scheme in the cryptocurrency industry. Over $5.8 billion worth of cryptocurrencies was defrauded. Recently, Cailain News reported that 27 major suspects and 82 other key members of the scam were arrested. The news source reported that the individuals operated within and outside of China. It is not certain yet to what has […]

Greyscale sees record institutional interest for crypto

Grayscale sees record institutional interest for crypto. Updates image used for posts

Institutional interest in the cryptomarket is seen by many as an important step, both for acknowledgement of the possibilities of cryptocurrency as well as additional capital flowing into the industry. Enough interest could result in further bullish price movement. So far, this year has seen record breaking investment from institutional investors which could result in […]