Crypto mergers & acquisitions

Crypto mergers & acquisitions. Updates image used for posts

The blockchain industry is young and offers a lot of opportunities for companies that are able to position themselves in this turbulent phase. Companies are competing to solidify their place in the market while effectively diversifying and de-risking at the same time. One popular way of doing this is through mergers and acquisitions which is […]

Crypto ponzi schemes

Crypto ponzi schemes. Updates image used for posts

Plustoken was the biggest Ponzi scheme in the cryptocurrency industry. Over $5.8 billion worth of cryptocurrencies was defrauded. Recently, Cailain News reported that 27 major suspects and 82 other key members of the scam were arrested. The news source reported that the individuals operated within and outside of China. It is not certain yet to what has […]

Greyscale sees record institutional interest for crypto

Grayscale sees record institutional interest for crypto. Updates image used for posts

Institutional interest in the cryptomarket is seen by many as an important step, both for acknowledgement of the possibilities of cryptocurrency as well as additional capital flowing into the industry. Enough interest could result in further bullish price movement. So far, this year has seen record breaking investment from institutional investors which could result in […]

Egbert Krop nieuwe Chief Financial Officer van Icoinic

Egbert Krop, Chief Financial Officer

Cryptobelegger Icoinic heeft ING’er Egbert Krop benoemd tot Chief Financial Officer. Het in Amsterdam gevestigde Icoinic is een crypto asset fund. Het bedrijf, gevestigd op Beursplein 5, specialiseert zich in het beleggen in cryptocurrencies en werkt voor onder meer het bedrijfsleven, family offices en welvarende individuele beleggers. Met Egbert Krop haalt het bedrijf een ervaren […]

The middle-class squeeze

The middle-class squeeze. Updates image used for posts

Why do governments set their inflation rate targets at around 2%? Is inflation not a bad thing? Wouldn’t an inflation rate of zero be better? In this post, the subject of inflation and wages will be discussed. By looking at the inflation and wages growth rate since the 1970s, it seems clear that the bottom […]